Iā€™m Tim Gregory, a research scientist who studies rocks from outer space.

I work full-time at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham and I finished my PhD in Cosmochemistry from the University of Bristol in May 2019.

I also talk about and present science at events and in the media.


Tim Gregory gets it. Drawing on his deep technical education and boundless curiosity, he brings a childlike wonder of discovery to everything he sees. He shows an uncanny ability to swiftly understand, to clearly explain, and to be joyful in the process. His scientific delight is contagious.
— Col Chris Hadfield, Former Astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station

Research ā†’

Science and current projects.

Talks & Media ā†’

I talk about science, sometimes in the media.

About Me ā†’

Life and hobbies.